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Take home tubs!

If you’d like any of our flavours from the cabinet, you can have them in an 8 scoop polystyrene tub £9 or a 15 scoop polystyrene tub £15. You can mix & match your flavours, and when you re-fill the tub its £1 less than the original purchase, great for nights in, going to the cinema, having friends round! Or just indulging alone…


In our Ice Cream Parlour/Farm Shop we sell pre-filled 120ml and 500ml tubs.

In 500ml we have the following flavours :

Milky Milk Maids – Our original, no vanilla added. Great with already sweet desserts like sticky toffee pud!

Vanilla Bean – A rich vanilla pod ice cream perfect on its own or to acompany any pudding.

Raspberry Ripple – Our original with homemade raspberry ripple.

Honeycomb – Our original with crunchy pieces of cinder toffee. My favourite! One of life’s simple, but amazing flavours.

Salted Caramel – Our salted caramel won us our first award in 2017. Bronze at the Great Yorkshire Show. A rich caramel with Maldon sea salt to create the finest sweet and savoury combo! Perfection

Strawberries & Cream – Only ever fresh strawberries, and a squeeze of lemon! The only way to do strawberry ice cream!

Mint Choc  Chip – Refreshingly minty with mint chocolate crisp scattered throguhout.

UNICORN – our most requested from the kiddies! Blue Caramel, Strawberry & Custard ice cream with sprinkles of unicorn magic!

All £4.50.

120ml tubs

Our 120ml tubs are perfect individual portions to keep in the freezer at home, or to take to the cinema! They have a little spoon in the lid &  They’re available in – Vanilla Bean, Honeycomb, Mint Chocolate Chip and Belgian Chocolate

All £1.50