Raw Milk in Bolton

Raw Milk in Bolton

Raw Milk

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Raw Milk –


We have some great news for all you #rawmilk fans out there! We’ve now acquired our license to be able to sell raw milk, we have always been the ONLY farm in Bolton to bottle and sell our own pasteurised and now we’re selling our RAW milk, its available in 500ml bottles, (perfect for on the go) 1 Litres & 2 litres. Our cows are free range, and therefore free to roam at least 180 days a year, and in winter they’re fed sileage (grass which has been cut in the summer and stored) so that the quality of milk doesn’t alter too much throughout the year and the girls are still getting all the nutrients they need.


What is raw milk?


Raw milk is not pasteurized, not homogonised, nothing added to it. Just pure whole milk, straight from the cow, just filtered and chilled for you to enjoy. It obviously depends how old you are when reading this, but your grandparents/parents will more than likely have had it, because it was all you could buy back in the day! When people used to go to their local farms for their milk.


What’s the milk I buy in the supermarket?


Well, obviously there’s different qualities available in the supermarkets, but generally talking large tankers go up and down the country collecting from the farms, all of the cows will be fed differently, it’ll be from different breeds of cows too. Basically you get a mix up of thousands of different herds milk, and therefore the quality isn’t great. After that its then mixed with other tanks of milk and completely ruins the quality of each individual milk. Its then pasteurised, homoginised, and then separated to make semi,cream, skimmed etc.


Benefits – (apart from it tastes great, there is real health benefits when consumed regularly)


  • Reduces allergies – “But loads of people I know are lactose intolerant, so how can that be?” Studies have shown that those who are lactose intolerant, 80% of them when given raw milk on a regular basis have shown no further symptoms.


  • Less likely to develop asthma


  • Boosts immunity against infections


  • Nutrients like probiotics, Vitamin D and Antibodies found naturally in Raw Milk


  • Enzymes found in raw milk help with digestion but are often reduced/destroyed during pasteurization which can contribute to a lactose intolerance.


  • Improves skin health, excema, acne and psoriasis. We’ve actually had a customer in that’s been drinking it for 2 weeks now who suffers with bad excema and has seen the benefits already, when she’s next in. I’ll ask for a written review from her to post up here 🙂


  • Probiotics in raw milk can kill off or balance bad bacteria in your gut, which can dramatically Affect your skin. The probiotics also work as a great anti-inflammatory which is also great for the skin.



Here are some links which I’ve got some information from,







do your own research! I’d urge you to come and try it and let your family experience milk as it should be. We’ve had children try it, who usually hate the taste of milk. Who are now coming back on a weekly basis because it’s a complete different product to what’s available in the supermarket.


500ml – 60p

1 Litre – £1.20

2 Litres – £2.00


You can only buy Raw milk direct from the farm.



Farm Shop opening times

Monday 09:00 – 18:00


Wednesday 09:00 – 18:00

Thursday 09:00- 18:00

Friday 09:00-18:00

Saturday 09:00 – 17:00

Sunday 10:00 – 4:00

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