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Important Update 🚨 *new ordering system, please read!*

Heres an update for all our followers new & old!
Whilst we was and are an ice cream manufacturer/ice cream parlour, we have also always sold our own Milk in the shop area of the parlour, alongside Local Potatoes, Eggs, Carrots, Biscuits & Preserves.

As COVID-19 approached & we stopped scooping ice cream, we had more customers than ever asking for more fruit/veg and whilst we still had our wholesale fruit & veg co, delivering our carrots & potatoes – it seemed silly not to offer these to customers now that our ice cream parlour side of the business had shut.

The first week of “lockdown” ran quite smoothly, but to ensure we can fulfil customers needs right now more adequatley, as of tomorrow we will change our opening hours.

The SHOP IS OPEN the following hours as of 31/03/20
Monday 10-5
Tuesday – CLOSED
Wednesday 10-5
Thursday 10-5
Friday 10-5
Saturday 10-4
Sunday 10-4


Our local sausage & bacon supplier Asmus Farm Cottage have closed their doors until it is safe for them to trade again and therefore we won’t have any sausages and bacon going forward.

At 9am every morning we will post what we have available along with a full price list & from 9am – 10am ( STRICTLY ONLY THIS HOUR- during the rest of the day we are serving customers/doing our daily jobs and cannot answer the phone) everyday you can ring either 07772842599 or 07706708830 and place an order. When placing the order, have what you want wrote down, have your card to hand – so you can pay over the phone & if your fit to queue and come in the shop – please do so to collect your items once we have got them ready. If you for any reason cannot queue and would prefer us to put it in the boot of your car you must also provide us with your reg and colour of car & ring once you’re outside & leave the boot open once your here.

As well as the above we ask if you’re coming in the shop, to queue 2m apart. To wash your hands in front of us using our portable sink, & that only one person is allowed in the shop at any time. So please leave your children/partners/family in the car wherever possible. Thank you

THURSDAY 02/04/20

Whole Milk pasteurised 2l £1.40
Raw milk 2l £2.00
We only sell our own milk either whole or raw, not semi, skimmed or UHT.

Local Butter £2.29

🥚 Eggs 🥚
Extra Large (20)£3.70
1/2dozen £1.40
Large tray (30)
1/2 dozen £1.00
Medium tray (30)
1/2 dozen 90p

🍋 Lemons 30p each
🍎 Royal Gala 30p each
🍏 Golden Delicious 30p each
🍌 Bananas 30p each (buy bunch where possible)
🍊 Large Oranges 60p each
🍊 Nodorcott Satsumas 30p each
🍅 Vine Large tomatoes 50p each buy where vine where possible.

🧅 Spring onions 50p a bunch
🧅 Brown Onion 30p each
🌱Leek 60p each
🥦 Broccoli 75p each
🎈Large Red & Green peppers 70p each
🥬 Baby Gem lettuce (2pcs) £1.20
🥒 Cucumber 60p each
🥕 Carrots 1kg £1.10
🥔 Jersey Royals 1kg £6.50
🥔 Cyprus 2kg £4.95
🥔 2kg Lincolnshire £2.50
🥔 5kg Lincolnshire £4.00
🥔 20kg Lincolnshire sack £12.50

Other items
Fletchers white barms (4pcs) £1.20
Williams Eccles Cakes £2.69
Williams Biscuits – Oat, Chocolate & Oat, Ginger, Shrewsbury Shortbread £2.69

Mrs.darlingtons jams, curds & marmalade’s £2.25
Shropshire Blue cheese £1.75

Ice cream 500ml pots £4.50
Milky milk maids
Raspberry ripple
Salted caramel
Belgian chocolate
Mint choc chip

Polystyrene tubs small/large £8/14

Kinder Bueno